Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lila and Stori's Birthday

Way back in July we celebrated Tracen's best friends birthdays.  They are born on the same day, one year apart and both have the middle name "Rose".  We sure love them!

They threw a great party... balloons, great food, presents and Tracen's favourite, cake! 

To celebrate the girls birthday we also took a short trip to Idaho Falls to go horseback riding. 
The girls were a little more excited than Tracen about it, but apparently that is normal, and they had a collection of tractors and cars for little boys to play with. 

Although it looks like he went for a ride, don't be fooled, he sat on the horse (well pony) and then was done. 

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Radfords said...

You take amazing pictures little lady! I'm glad you got all that captured---especially Tracen on the pony and then playing with the trucks! So funny how they knew to keep a toy bucket with trucks for little boys! :)
P.S. Miss you guys! It was so fun having luke here...almost like old times!