Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rexburg : Porter Park

There is so much to catch up on: the rest of our time in Rexburg, our trip to California and then to the cabin, and our time spent in Calgary. 

It is hard to look at these pictures and think about living in Rexburg without my heart hurting.  We made such great friends and enjoyed our days full of walks to the park and late nights walking to each others houses.  

Tracen loved that Stori lived in the next building over, and each time we went outside he would try to go up to her door to see her.

We sure miss all his red-headed friends and baby Nora.


Sara said...

I want to hang out with Tracen. and you of course.

Radfords said...

You sure did a real good job at making me miss you guys in this post!!!! sheesh.
p.s. No one has yet to move into your old apt..... just make Luke travel for his work! :)