Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tracen Turns TWO

We kept the birthday celebrations pretty simple and low-key this year.  We did sing and celebrate Tracen and Meika turning two with ice cream cake before their actual birthdays, but with Erika, Jamie, Mom, Dad and Chris not there, it felt like a small celebration.  Then we celebrated with Luke's family (with no Luke) and had cupcakes the day after Tracen's birthday, which was fun, but without Luke, it didn't seem like much of a party.  However, Tracen seemed to love blowing out the candles.

The day of his birthday was rainy and cold.  Mom and Dad were on their concert tour, Luke already living in Utah, and Jenelle was at work for the day -so Tracen and I enjoyed movies and he had a long bath.

We facetimed with Luke while Tracen opened his presents (in the picture below is not a present, but a hello kitty of Jenelle's that Tracen found).

We also kept the presents simple and small for easy transport to Utah (whenever we move there).

I decided it would be foolish to make any sort of cake, because I would have probably ended up eating it all (why Jenelle is so good at being disciplined is beyond me) and so I opted for a birthday donut instead.  It was a hit.
Jenelle got home from work as we were singing and then we headed to the NE to eat some Olive Garden because Tracen loves noodles (pronounced: noo-nils) and then to the movie Planes.   Tracen actually sat through the whole thing, and Jenelle said it was one of the best birthday parties she's been to in a while haha.
But some things about Tracen at 2 are:
He really loves cars, trucks and anything with wheels.  He loves to go for a ride in my Dad's van and calls it "the bus".  Most of his cousins also have the same van, and he always talks about how they went home in the bus.  

He recently figured out how to get the door knob lock of his door knob (the ones that you buy that go around the door knob, often found in nursery), which means he might be more like his mischief making Dad than I should want.

He is talking more and more, and I'm starting to understand more and more.  He is really into saying "get it" and sometimes it's "I get it" but when he is feeling lazy it is "mommy get it". 

He LOVES candy and chocolate, and "no-nuts" (donuts) which are donuts and muffins.  

He surprises me all the time by calling his Aunts, Uncles, and cousins by name, when I have never heard him say their name before.

He still loves rocks which makes it hard to come into the house when there are so many outside.

He loves to do puzzles.

He likes to make people laugh, whether throwing pillows at them, or his dirty socks, or pretending he is going to hug them and running right past them.

He loves to watch The Jungle Book, Emperors New Groove and most recently Tarzan.

He really misses his Dad, and being away from Luke this long has been tough on him, he has started to really get attached to Papahashi and insisted my Dad take him to nursery on Sunday, and not me (Grandpa doesn't mind).

He loves to eat noodles and toast (which is actually sandwiches).  

Oh, he knows that the sky is blue (he uses it as a conversation starter often), and Luke drives a white truck - we are working on recognizing and differentiating colors.

I guess i could go on and on about him... but he is as fun and energetic as ever, and I'm just so happy that I am blessed to be his Mom.


kristi Dupont said...

what an adorable little man....... love you both

Jamie Takahashi said...

i miss you both soooo much, and I love you.

Wilma said...

He's a great two year. You and Luke are doing a wonderful job being his parents.