Tuesday, November 26, 2013

P.S. We are having a baby

 I am not sure why I put off announcing on some sort of social media that I am pregnant with Baby Boy Allred #2 (hereafter known as BBA2).  At first it had to do with the precious nature of those first weeks where anything can happen, and then it had to do with the hassle of moving and lack of internet access, and then I decided to just wait until I had something to post, like cute profile picture from my next ultrasound.

So it was a little disappointing when we couldn't get a good profile picture of BBA2 or of his feet, or legs or arms and this was the best shot that we got: 
But even if we don't have ultrasound pictures that are great, we are thrilled to be having another boy and grateful for an ultrasound that had normal measurements and all the things they are looking for.  

Luke was convinced I was having a girl, because to him I seem a lot different.  I thought maybe I was having a girl because of the way I seem to be gaining weight this time around (hips, chest) and sweet sugary cravings.  When the tech told us that we were in fact having a boy, I started to cry, it just felt right.  

I am so grateful that we are continuing to grow our family (and that I am halfway to holding this baby in my arms). 

I am a little sad (and terrified of) delivering this baby in the USA and without midwives, but we found a doctor that comes with some great recommendations and assured me that, as long as baby and I are healthy, I can have the birth I want.  

Mostly just for my own notes: most of the time I am feeling great.  The first trimester was a little tough, constant nausea and no energy (good thing I was at home with my parents and Jenelle to take care of me) but I am feeling more myself now.  I am 20 weeks and 3 days and the past couple of weeks I have noticed a return of my energy, except when watching TV or movies after 9 PM.

Friday, November 22, 2013


 Sometimes I think it might be nice to be able to have more than Tracen's afternoon nap to get things done for myself.  Stuff like working out, or reading, or a long shower, or prepping for a healthy dinner. Then I hear that little voice saying "Hi Mommy" and I remember how worth it it is to have a 2 minute shower, chase him around the house and wrestle meal into himt, read Robert Munsch books and macaroni for dinner instead of what I had planned.   

I keep being reminded just how fast time flies and how short life really is.  As nice as an extra hour (or two) in the morning to sleep would be, I am sure grateful for requests for toasts or chicken at that early hour instead, and the quality time with Tracen.  Life is too short to not be enjoyed. Being a mom is not an easy responsibility, and most of the time I feel like there is so much that I am not doing.  However, when we were out for Lunch with Sister Takahashi last week, her companion said something along the lines of, "It must be nice to have someone that always wants your attention and to be with you constantly, " and it has stuck with me.  I am so grateful for my little best friend that is continually calling my name, or getting into diaper cream or chocolate when he isn't, and that wants to share his chewed up food with me and cuddle as he pretends to be a baby.   Sure children are expensive  (just ask about the iPad that has a shattered screen, or my laptop that had water spit on it and doesn't work, actually don't) but I didn't decide to have a family based on the money.  It is amazing how far an unexpected "I love you" or kiss from a two year old can go, it makes me think I am doing something right. 

Sometimes I think that being a mother has made me crazy, or is making me crazy.
But there is never a time that I am not sure that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing, and I am learning some pretty valuable things along the way. 
Sister Takahashi teaching Tracen about Jesus, she asked him if he loved Jesus and he promptly told her "yep"

Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was a while ago, but better late than never right?  Because we were in the middle of unpacking and getting acquainted with our new surroundings (let's be real, we still are) our Halloween was low key and simple.   I was surprised that we even ended up carving a pumpkin and I am glad that we did, Tracen loves pumpkins and skeletons and quite enjoyed it.

On Halloween we got Tracen ready in the costume that Luke picked up for him (I really wasn't on the ball this year) and he was a cute little elephant.  He caught on quickly to the idea of saying 'trick or treat' and receiving candy in return.
We went to an area in the outskirts of town where one of Luke's coworkers lives, they just had a huge trunk or treat set up and it was perfect.
I didn't dress up, but Luke dressed up in his (traditional) cowboy costume that he loves.  He probably got more attention than Tracen. When we got home at around 7 we turned on our lights and waited for trick or treaters to come, only 3 came by, and so we still have pounds and pounds of candy to eat. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vernal: walking through the neighborhood

I would be lying if I didn't admit that it has been a long couple of weeks since really moving to Vernal.  Trying to get into a new routine, unpack, become familiar with the area and feel at home are what we are filling our days with.   We are thrilled to be connected to the world again this week, as we finally got our Internet hooked up. After weeks of staying home waiting for them to show up, they finally did!  It has been so nice to be able to FaceTime with familiar faces, use Google and even watch some movies and TV during naptimes.  Who knew I valued access to Internet so much?  

Tracen has also decided on a new sleep schedule, which includes early morning wake up calls at 6-6:30 AM, or 5:30 AM like today.  By the time 9:30 AM rolls around, I feel like it should be noon.   Last week we took an early morning walk to explore a little bit of our new neighborhood.

I would say that Vernal has a lot of character.

I am not sure where Little B's is, or how to access it - but it intrigues me.
 I do love that the fall flags on Main have come down and new Christmas decorations have taken their place.  I am a sucker for the glimpses of small town coziness that remind me of the setting from a Hallmark movie.
And perhaps one of the greatest things about Vernal Utah is that we are walking distance (although it takes some time) from the temple.   It used to be a tabernacle (I believe) that was converted and I can't wait to see what it looks like inside.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Building the stuff that lasts


My Dad emailed me the two pictures above this past week or so, he found them on my Grandpa's iPad.  They made me smile, and brought a tear to my eye.  This summer was interesting and lessons of real love and forever families were a major theme as we said an unexpected good-bye to my Uncle Jim and then a week later a good-bye to my Grandpa Joe.   I have tried and tried to write a post dedicated to him and to all that he means to me, but how can you sum that all up in words?

Well, I thought about my Grandpa a lot as Luke built us a table and a bench.  Luke has always been a handy guy, and we did spend the first months of our marriage building their families cabin, but I don't think that it was really until my Grandpa's funeral, and seeing his garage and hearing some stories that he really decided that he wanted to build some furniture for us. After heading home from Picture Butte, Luke talked about how cool it was to see my Grandpa's garage and to see the tools he worked with.  I do love that we can see the fruits of his labors in his home, his walking sticks, our knitted coats etc.  He not only left a great legacy, but he also left physical proof of his existence for us to treasure.

So, after a few weeks of meals on the couch, Luke got to work.

In about 48 hours we had a table and a bench (still need to be stained).  I am so impressed with his skills and excited to see what future projects there are to come.  Luke did the bulk of the work, but it was fun to be working and helping where i could with him, and what better way to spend our time together than creating and refining our talents together.  That was something I loved to do with Grandpa, work with him, or even just watch him refining his talents.

Tracen seems to already be following in their footsteps.  He loves going to Lowes and helping Luke get the supplies he needs and 'going to work' just like his Dad.