Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was a while ago, but better late than never right?  Because we were in the middle of unpacking and getting acquainted with our new surroundings (let's be real, we still are) our Halloween was low key and simple.   I was surprised that we even ended up carving a pumpkin and I am glad that we did, Tracen loves pumpkins and skeletons and quite enjoyed it.

On Halloween we got Tracen ready in the costume that Luke picked up for him (I really wasn't on the ball this year) and he was a cute little elephant.  He caught on quickly to the idea of saying 'trick or treat' and receiving candy in return.
We went to an area in the outskirts of town where one of Luke's coworkers lives, they just had a huge trunk or treat set up and it was perfect.
I didn't dress up, but Luke dressed up in his (traditional) cowboy costume that he loves.  He probably got more attention than Tracen. When we got home at around 7 we turned on our lights and waited for trick or treaters to come, only 3 came by, and so we still have pounds and pounds of candy to eat. 


Radfords said...

Do I spy christmas lights on a darling stair railing???

And the HAlloween costumes are pretty much Amazing!!! What an awesome husband you have that will dress up!

.Ang. said...

I love that costume on Tracen! Luke's costume always makes me laugh! I think you should find a "farmer girlcostume to match!