Friday, November 22, 2013


 Sometimes I think it might be nice to be able to have more than Tracen's afternoon nap to get things done for myself.  Stuff like working out, or reading, or a long shower, or prepping for a healthy dinner. Then I hear that little voice saying "Hi Mommy" and I remember how worth it it is to have a 2 minute shower, chase him around the house and wrestle meal into himt, read Robert Munsch books and macaroni for dinner instead of what I had planned.   

I keep being reminded just how fast time flies and how short life really is.  As nice as an extra hour (or two) in the morning to sleep would be, I am sure grateful for requests for toasts or chicken at that early hour instead, and the quality time with Tracen.  Life is too short to not be enjoyed. Being a mom is not an easy responsibility, and most of the time I feel like there is so much that I am not doing.  However, when we were out for Lunch with Sister Takahashi last week, her companion said something along the lines of, "It must be nice to have someone that always wants your attention and to be with you constantly, " and it has stuck with me.  I am so grateful for my little best friend that is continually calling my name, or getting into diaper cream or chocolate when he isn't, and that wants to share his chewed up food with me and cuddle as he pretends to be a baby.   Sure children are expensive  (just ask about the iPad that has a shattered screen, or my laptop that had water spit on it and doesn't work, actually don't) but I didn't decide to have a family based on the money.  It is amazing how far an unexpected "I love you" or kiss from a two year old can go, it makes me think I am doing something right. 

Sometimes I think that being a mother has made me crazy, or is making me crazy.
But there is never a time that I am not sure that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing, and I am learning some pretty valuable things along the way. 
Sister Takahashi teaching Tracen about Jesus, she asked him if he loved Jesus and he promptly told her "yep"


kristi Dupont said...

thanks for the loevely post, i really needed to hear this today ;)
love you

Radfords said...

you are an AMAZING Mom!!! This post was so perfect, and your 2 little boys (yes 2 YAY!) are so lucky to have amazing parents that love them!

Burgess Family said...

Love that post and that photo!

Jacqui Sandhu said...

Awe I love this Alana! This makes my heart happy. You are doing a great job. I'm so happy for you :)