Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My first American Thanksgiving

Although I went to American universities, this year was my first real American Thanksgiving (I did spend one other Thanksgiving in the US with my family in Hawaii but I don't remember having turkey).  Since we missed Canadian Thanksgiving (we were in a hotel in Roosevelt Utah) and we have so much to be thankful for, we decided to celebrate it traditionally.  We were so grateful that the Gathers made the drive out here (and the weather cooperated to make it possible) and I really loved being able to spend time with family.  I seem to be in a bad habit of not taking pictures - it is sad. 

Anyways- we had TONS of food, and I found out that my oven doesn't cook evenly (one side of the bird didn't cook, the other side did...) and we even checked out Walmart for some shopping. 
These are the few shots I managed to get:
 I found this gem on my phone.

Tracen was thrilled to have Blade here, he couldn't wait for "Blade and Blade's cars" that Blade was nice enough to give to Tracen.  We just got the Gathers Christmas card, and Tracen loves to point out who Blade is. 

The men enjoying some football, Chay was passed out on the other couch.

This picture makes me laugh because Nicole wanted to move from the table so bad, but due to an abundance of food, she couldn't.  

We were pleasantly surprised at just how polite the people were when we went to Wal-mart, Chay said that someone even asked him if they wanted to trade spots with him so he could see better, and although it was busy, not as busy as the stores in the "big city".  

Nicole, Chay and I checked out K-mart (I don't know why I go to that store, I always leave disappointed) and Luke pulled out his old super nintendo and although Blade was weary, he enjoyed playing it. 

This year has been good to us, graduation, a good job for Luke, a house that we own, a new baby on the way and so many great memories! 

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Wilma said...

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving! AND your turkey was so moist, I don't know how you did it! (oh yes I do, it has to be "half cooked"). Seriously though, I was envious of your turkey. The one I cooked when we got home wasn't as good as yours.

And that Blade...always surprising someone.