Friday, December 6, 2013

Plumbing problems

Life with a 2 year old seems to be just what is indicated by "terrible twos" (and also with having a little boy perhaps?).  It sure keeps us on our toes and as nice as those quiet moments are during the day, they usually mean trouble.  There has been a lot of closet exploring and way too much of toilet playing. 

It usually happens when we think he is napping, and have since changed around the door knob on his room so that we can ensure he is stuck in there during sleeping hours (I promise that we always go and unlock his door after he is confirmed to be asleep).  
Day 1: A whole roll of toilet paper (taken off the roll) and in the toilet, you can't really see but on the left is another roll of toilet paper that was drenched.
And Day 2 (the next day): I caught him mid unrolling, and when we were going to take off his toilet drenched clothes he kept pointing to the toilet saying "TEEE, TEEE" and I had no idea what that meant.  As I went to try to flush down a portion of the toilet paper the toilet began to flood, and I realized that "Tee" meant "teeth" or rather his tooth brush that he shoved down the toilet (he *luckily* doesn't know how to flush the toilet yet).  
There was a Day 3, but no picture, and hopefully there won't be anymore.  The only problem is that potty training is on the top of our to-do list, are we sending mixed messages with saying the toilet is gross and yucky, but we want you to use it too??

He sure is a lot of fun though, and his talking is coming along which makes for laughs and better communication.  He loves oranges, apples and bananas and taking a stool into the pantry to see what he can reach. 

He spent a good 15 minutes the other day looking at the flyers and pointing out all the cars and characters he knows. 

I am excited for Christmas with him this year and hope that we have no more toilet incidents.


Wilma said...

He's growing fast! So much more to look forward to....

Monica Ryan said...

Oh no! I think he's enjoying playing with the toilet papers, eh? It's forgivable since he is only a kid. But you should keep him away from the toilet. He might accidentally slip and hurt himself. I hope you considered removing the paper instead of flushing them since they might clog your pipes.

Monica Ryan @ VillagePlumbing

Don Bennett said...

Cute! It’s such a wonderful feeling seeing your kids having fun. Makes you wish you could just freeze time and let them stay young. Seeing them happy makes the prospect of a clogged toilet worth it, doesn’t it? Or maybe not. Hahaha!

Don Bennett @ Athens Plumbing

Keri Smith said...

My little one did that too! Thank goodness for drain cleaning in peoria il! Saved us from a huge disaster!

Martha Ward said...

Some toddlers are really keen with throwing stuff in the toilet. It seems like some parts of your house need a baby-proofing! What else did he flush down there? Hopefully, it’s only those rolls of tissue papers, though that in itself is already a headache. It would be a complete disaster for your drainage system once he decided to make it a dumping place for whatever object he likes to throw.

Martha Ward @ Son-Rise Plumbing