Thursday, December 12, 2013

Putting up the Christmas tree

 I have to admit that we put up our Christmas tree before November 28th (American Thanksgiving) because we just needed some decoration in our home, we still have nothing on the walls and minimal furniture. 
 Tracen was excited and very willing to help but then got distracted by this cardboard tube.

We don't have many ornaments, and after one incident with broken ornament glass, the breakable ornaments got moved from Tracen's reach.  To help fill the space Tracen and I painted some pinecones with sparkly paint.

 We have no tree topper, but we love our simple tree.


Jamie Takahashi said...

I like your house. and your tree

kayla said...

Cute! You could always get the inexpensive ornaments from Target, that way, if Tracen pulls them down and they break, it's not a huge expense, and you're not as attached to them! :)

jaqeerae said...

I would love a house tour! And your address! Cute tree :)

Sara said...

love it all. your tree looks so nice. and that CARPET LOOKS AMAZING. love you.

Radfords said...

tree is perfect! i love your craftiness!!
and I secretly wish that you wouldn't decorate your walls until I can visit so we can decorate together!

Wilma said...

I loved your tree and decorations!