Friday, December 13, 2013

Vernal: Dinosaur Museum

Last Saturday we wanted to get out of the house but didn't know where to go - Luke came up with the idea of checking out the dinosaur museum.  It was freezing outside (think -25 celcius) and while we were there we were the only ones in the museum, and although it wasn't close to the level of Drumheller, I don't think we could ever find ourselves as the only patrons there.  

Tracen loved being able to run around and see trains and dinosaurs. 

He only tried a couple of times to crawl under the caution tape.


Radfords said...

literally every picture in this post is my favorite! I love that last picture of your 2 boys walking away. So sweet!!!

jaqeerae said...

I want to see your baby bump!!

Wilma said...

I was thinking about you and that cold weather, thinking that it must feel "just like home". Looks like a fun place to visit. You're all looking great.