Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter/Christmas activities

I love Christmas-time and want Tracen to grow up loving it as well.   Here are  some pictures from a few of the activities we have been enjoying:

Tracen has no winter boots so we decided to bring the snow inside the house to play with.

He mostly likes eating it, but we did make a few little snowman (which are much more fun to knock over than build)

And then Tracen enjoyed his first cup of hot chocolate.  He loves it and we have enjoyed it a few more times since.

We have a little cookie decorator on our hands, he ended up putting frosting on most of the cookies and didn't let me do any.  Once he got the hang of it, I wasn't allowed anywhere near his hands or the cookies, he could have done it for hours.

For FHE a couple of weeks ago we watched a Nativity Mormon Message, Tracen wanted to watch it twice, so we did, and he made sure that all his trucks were watching too.
Then we set up our Nativity up in a window sill that Tracen can't reach and talked about each piece.  The next morning I found Tracen had brought a stool up the stairs to the window and was trying to grab the sheep and baby Jesus.  I dug out an old nativity set and he has loved it.  I guess we need one of those Little People ones.

Not pictured: Making and decorating sugar cookies, painting ceramic ornaments, making a Christmas Tree and snowman with paper, playing outside in the snow, picking out Christmas presents


jaqeerae said...

sounds like so much Christmas fun!

Burgess Family said...

What great parents! Thanks for sharing all the holiday fun at your house. And the cookies looked great! Tracen you are quite the decorator.

Wilma said...

How nice that you have CLEAN snow! Great pictures of your Christmas activities, Tracen is sure to love Christmas time.