Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BBA2 update

 How awkward are these pictures??
26 ish weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks

I am feeling larger than life these days, and I am only 29 + a few days along.  I think my body is great at remembering what it had to do for Tracen, and was eager to get back into that shape.  But - I am glad that I have some energy these days, Luke was thrilled that I was able to stay awake through a whole movie this past weekend, because he doesn't remember when that happened last.  Besides having some weird lingering cough/cold/sinus/whoknows thing since Christmas that keeps coming back full force and some days with sciatica pain that kept me on the couch I am feeling good.  I have also had a few moments of embarrassment when I find myself out of breath from carrying Tracen a short distance.
I am starting to worry (panic) that we will never find a name for this little guy, but I just hate looking at lists of names trying to imagine a little face and personality I don't know yet.   
I also happy because I took my glucose test and passed??? The doctor never called me, so I am just assuming I passed, which is great, because I hated my (false) diagnosis last pregnancy and having to test my blood every couple hours.  

I have started to feel the nesting coming in, and my list of projects I want to do are all big ones, and more based around getting our house settled and organized and less to do with anything for the baby - is that bad?

I am craving pizza everyday, and from Pizza Hut, which is weird.  For some reason my roasted brussel sprouts yesterday didn't take away that craving...

I am excited for a newborn to cuddle with, and to see Tracen with his long awaited baby brother, he loves babies and I just hope that he remembers that when this baby is here to stay.


kayla said...

You look SO CUTE! Stop. I want to look that good when I'm pregnant! I'm so excited to see your cute little family grow!
I'm sure Tracen will be the perfect big brother! :)

Sara said...

PIZZA HUT SOUNDS AMAZING NOW. You look amazing. I'm serious. I love that floral maxi dress. I want to see more of it/where is it from. Love you so much friend. Can't wait to hear what the final decision is for the name! miss you.

Mariko said...

You look so good! Love it!! I still haven't been brave enough to take a picture.

And I say give in to those cravings here and there!! Enjoy it, right??

Names. So hard, am I right? Austin and I are coming up completely blank for either gender. Cannot wait to hear what you pick though!!

Jordan Osborne said...

You look amazing! Can't believe you're going to have 2 little ones soon! You're just the cutest.

jaqeerae said...

I agree with the above comments. You dress your baby bump well and your baby bump - you just rock it!

thanks for the update and little inside look on how things are going! :) Love you. I'm so excited for you to meet BBA2

Nicole said...