Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas part 1

I have had pictures saved as a draft for a couple of weeks now, hoping that I would upload the rest of the pictures from my camera... I figured I better just post them and not wait.

We had a wonderful Christmas at home in Calgary.  We were sure kept busy for the 10 days we were there, and as usual - we didn't get to see everyone or do everything we had intended. 

We went for a sleigh ride with Luke's family and were blessed with some great weather, and it was really fun.  Tracen loved to watch the dogs chase after our horses... and the pictures on the actual sleigh are on my camera.

Then we went to the golf course for food and fun.  We sang some carols, played the hand-bells, struggled to sing along, acted out the nativity, had a gift exchange, and then ended the night with a dance party. Tracen loved to play with his cousins.

Then back to Grammy and Papa's for bed in Christmas PJ's. 

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jaqeerae said...

better late than never is right! Cute Christmas Pjs :)