Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas part 2

 Good thing Angie took some pictures, or I wouldn't have any.  Here is a mish-mash of the time spent at my parents over Christmas.   We got to go see the live nativity, after we had acted it out at home.  Check out some of the great actors:

 They adored baby Jesus, even the inn-keeper (Tracen) couldn't stay away.

 Tracen and Meika are just 4 days apart, and have an interesting frenemy type relationship.  This is after Christmas morning mayhem, which Tracen enjoyed, but had a hard time leaving one present to open another.  We sure were spoiled!
 We were lucky to have Grandma there to spend Christmas with us.
 And she brought my Dad's coat from Grandpa, and we finally put the zipper in Luke's.

And we got to go on a girl date - with Erika missing - and it was a lot of fun and delicious.  
Luke and I both realized how much we love Calgary while we were home, it really is such a beautiful place, and nice city.  Maybe one day we will be back, but it sure makes a great place to visit too!


jaqeerae said...

I'd love to hear more about the "frenemy" relationship. Sounds like there are some interesting stories behind that.
Cutest Nativity cast ever! Glad we got to see you while you were closeby :)

Radfords said...

I want to hear more frenemy stories also! haha...I seem to like that kind of drama!
But Tracen in those stripy pajamas!!! ARe you kidding me?! Oh he's the cutest!
Post more post more!!!! (and a pregnancy update please! :) )