Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Way back in 2013 - Our summer vacation

When I did the review of the year and remembered that I never really did any blog posts about our summer vacation last year (and celebration of graduating) I felt sad.  I had intentions of making a video of our trip, and so last night I finally did.  I didn't spend a huge amount of time on it, but I wanted to have something, so here it is:

I am not sure how to embed the video into my blog... so you will have to click on the link


Radfords said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?!! That is the cutest dang thing I have ever seen!!! And talk about heart breaking---missing you guys and missing warm weather! :)
Can we meet in Disneyland ASAP! And that boat ride looks great too! :) If we go to U of I we'll be pretty close to Canada!

Ok sorry this is so long, but I am just now seeing your pregnancy update! You look so so so so cute!!! LIke ridiculously cute! WE sure love you guys!

hybridge said...

That looks like a fun vacation. It would be fun to go to Disneyland again. Just so I could experience the parking.