Monday, March 17, 2014

The past week, from my phone.

Tracen got a package in the mail - he was thrilled about the box the night we got it, and the next morning, and then we finally opened it to find a Thomas the Train cookie inside. 

We spent a weekend in SLC running errands and celebrating Jamie's birthday.  It is nice to be able to spend time with family every once in a while.  Tracen loved playing with Blade, and Luke even got to play some video games with Blade.

Tracen loves to follow Luke around and help him. 

The weather has been pretty great, and so I decided to take Tracen to the park.  I had what would have been an embarassing moment if there had been anyone else there, but I am glad Tracen didn't make it to the road, and I just ended up with some scraped legs/knees.

Mmmmm... Pi day blueberry pie.

36 week belly.  I look like (and sometimes feel like) I am 40 weeks, so I am hoping the rest of these 3 weeks and 4 days goes fast.

Monday, March 10, 2014

AZ - Park, Swimming, Trains and the Zoo

It was so nice to be in Arizona after being stuck inside for so long.  Tracen couldn't get enough time outside.  He especially loved playing at the park, it had been awhile.

I wish I had taken more pictures while swimming.  We had a great time and Tracen still talks about going swimming with Lucy. It was so fun to see Dave and Ashley in Arizona and get to spend some time hanging out.   We even got to enjoy what turned out to be a private showing of a movie together. 
Another afternoon we spent at McCormick Ranch.  Tracen was more excited about it than last year, and kept shouting, "ALL ABOARD!" on the way there.  When he saw the trains, he couldn't contain his excitement over "Thomas the train". 

The day before we left we ventured to the zoo.
Tracen showing off his independence.. he sat here for a few minutes.
We saw some relatives...
And, the highlight of the day, Tracen got to feed a giraffe!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arizona from my iPhone

We decided to take advantage of the Family/Presidents day weekend holiday and have Luke take a few extra days of work to drive down to Phoenix and visit Grammie and Papa (and feel the warm sun).

The drive felt long, mostly because the route is through reserve after reserve, and we were anxious to get there.

Tracen loved seeing Winston - he chased him around and forced him outside repeatedly.

We were lucky and had awesome weather while we were there, we went swimming almost everyday.

Unfortunately the spa wasn't working, so we never did get to swim at Grammie's house, but Tracen still enjoyed splashing in the freezing water.

And we went to the zoo - and Tracen got to see lions, tigers and an elephant just like he wanted.

It will probably be a few more months until he he able to go outside and play like this again.  

It was a much needed vacation and so nice to be with family for a few days.  

(more pictures from our camera coming!)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Puzzles and baking

 Tracen is really into puzzles, he probably asks 50 times a day, "You wanna play puzzles?"  He is getting pretty good at them, and can do it by himself... but it is just a lot more fun with someone else.

Tracen loves to help me bake in the kitchen.  He brings me the muffin tin all the time to make muffins.  And he does spend lots of his time with no pants on...
 We made some Valentines Day cookies, and he was a great helper, and tester.

 This was the cookie he made for himself: under the cinnamon hearts is a pile of sprinkles.