Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arizona from my iPhone

We decided to take advantage of the Family/Presidents day weekend holiday and have Luke take a few extra days of work to drive down to Phoenix and visit Grammie and Papa (and feel the warm sun).

The drive felt long, mostly because the route is through reserve after reserve, and we were anxious to get there.

Tracen loved seeing Winston - he chased him around and forced him outside repeatedly.

We were lucky and had awesome weather while we were there, we went swimming almost everyday.

Unfortunately the spa wasn't working, so we never did get to swim at Grammie's house, but Tracen still enjoyed splashing in the freezing water.

And we went to the zoo - and Tracen got to see lions, tigers and an elephant just like he wanted.

It will probably be a few more months until he he able to go outside and play like this again.  

It was a much needed vacation and so nice to be with family for a few days.  

(more pictures from our camera coming!)

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