Monday, March 10, 2014

AZ - Park, Swimming, Trains and the Zoo

It was so nice to be in Arizona after being stuck inside for so long.  Tracen couldn't get enough time outside.  He especially loved playing at the park, it had been awhile.

I wish I had taken more pictures while swimming.  We had a great time and Tracen still talks about going swimming with Lucy. It was so fun to see Dave and Ashley in Arizona and get to spend some time hanging out.   We even got to enjoy what turned out to be a private showing of a movie together. 
Another afternoon we spent at McCormick Ranch.  Tracen was more excited about it than last year, and kept shouting, "ALL ABOARD!" on the way there.  When he saw the trains, he couldn't contain his excitement over "Thomas the train". 

The day before we left we ventured to the zoo.
Tracen showing off his independence.. he sat here for a few minutes.
We saw some relatives...
And, the highlight of the day, Tracen got to feed a giraffe!


Radfords said...

OOPPS!!!! I am not anonymous, it is in fact me... Mel... you're long lost Idaho friend.

Radfords said...

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