Monday, March 3, 2014

Puzzles and baking

 Tracen is really into puzzles, he probably asks 50 times a day, "You wanna play puzzles?"  He is getting pretty good at them, and can do it by himself... but it is just a lot more fun with someone else.

Tracen loves to help me bake in the kitchen.  He brings me the muffin tin all the time to make muffins.  And he does spend lots of his time with no pants on...
 We made some Valentines Day cookies, and he was a great helper, and tester.

 This was the cookie he made for himself: under the cinnamon hearts is a pile of sprinkles. 

1 comment:

Radfords said...

WHAT?? he is amazing!! That puzzle looks way too tricky, AND he is wearing big boy underwear!! Way to go Tracen! You are such a good mom! Stori is really good at memorizing movies! :)
P.S. I hope you are feeling better! growing a baby is hard work! Love ya!!