Monday, May 19, 2014

Canada trip - Sister Takahashi

We decided last minute to go to Canada for a few weeks.  Seriously last minute, like Jamie and Jenelle pushed their departure back a day so we could caravan with them, and I could have a day to do laundry and pack. 

I left in the afternoon and picked up Jenelle (Jamie was going to come later) and we headed to Salt Lake, our first stop on the trip.  We had planned to stay the night at the Gathers and leave early in the morning, I spent all day getting Tracen to cooperate by telling him we were going to Blades house. 

Jenelle and I thought it would be fun to try to find Erika, but first Rai needed to eat, as well as Tracen.  While I fed Rai in the car, Jenelle took Tracen ahead to the food court at City Creek, I had heard there was a place there for kids to play, and knew he would be happier there than in the carseat. 

Just as Rai was finishing up, Jenelle called me and said, "Guess who I ran into at the food court?" Sure enough, it was Sister Takahashi.  Erika had actually spotted her and Tracen and Jenelle was surprised to be hugged by someone as she was walking.  We probably wouldn't have seen her if she hadn't seen them.

Erika got to meet Rai (she could hold him because I said she could and he's family), and Tracen had a blast playing with the dinosaurs. 


Dawn said...

That is so fun.

Apparently, she has served with Allen's cousin, Sister Huffaker.

Radfords said...

No WAY!!! how amazing is that! You look so great, and Tracen has changed so much! Only 2 more months until we are practically neighbors! :)