Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Canada was good to us

A quick glimpse into our two weeks north of the border (from my phone), I will have to do more detailed posts later.
Candi meeting Rai

Of course it snowed

Tracen pretending to be a baby with Koko

Sneezy Rai

Just being a boy

Watching the penguins swim with Grandma, but the penguin was too quick for me to get in the picture

Holding a (dead) butterfly, but it was an exciting experience

Papahashi burping Rai

Cuddles with JJ

Cuddles with Papahashi (not sure who put who to sleep)

Visiting Papahashi's office downtown

Visiting all the Great Grandmas and Aunt Dawne

Mother's Day cuddles

Papa saying good-bye to Rai

Trampoline jumping

Walking Winty

Girls night

Bedtime struggles, this happened 4 times (completely naked)

Playing with Hudson

Heidi did some impromptu photo's

Papahashi thinks he's funny

Rai meets Kristi, Greg and Elliot

Canada sweatsuit

On the road again

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Mariko said...

Gosh, both those boys are so cute!! Rai's face has changed already. My favorite pictures are the ones of your dad and Rai. So dang cute! And you are looking gorgeous! Are you sure you just had your SECOND baby?!