Friday, May 30, 2014

Hospital - from my camera

I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera to my computer.  There were SO many pictures.  Here are a few that are from the hospital (Jamie took a bunch too that are on Luke's computer).  And for some reason they aren't all in order, but oh well, I am too lazy to get them in order and they all kind of look the same, but for my record they are all going on the blog.

This is obviously a "before" picture - my belly still there (well, I am still working on getting rid of it)
I guess this would be "after"

My first glimpse of Rai

Rai just a few minutes old

Luke holding Rai for the first time

Tracen meeting Rai for the first time.

Some things to remember about my time spent at the hospital:

-The nurses thinking I was crazy for trying to do things naturally 
-The food that was actually pretty good.  I am still thinking about that red velvet cupcake and the bacon that was cooked perfectly.  I was not used to the idea of having a menu and being able to order as much of whatever I wanted off of it at any time while in the hospital.  I must say I quite enjoyed that. Luke also got a voucher for a free meal (that Jamie used) and it provided too much food for her to eat for one meal. 
-Those quiet moments in the wee hours of the morning studying Rai's face and trying to get to know everything about him
-Tracen getting a coupon for an ice cream sandwhich to celebrate Rai's birthday (we sang happy birthday to his new little brother)


Radfords said...

Had the biggest smile on my face for this entire post! I didn't want the pictures to ever end!!!

kristi Dupont said...

you look beautiful!!! love your cute little family ;)

jaqeerae said...

I had missed this post. I agree with Kristi.