Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rai 8 weeks (2 months?)

I am really not sure if 8 weeks = 2 months or not.  Rai is 8 weeks old, but he was born on April 3rd, so do we have to wait for June 3rd for him to be 2 months?  His 2 month appointment with the doctor isn't for another 2 weeks, so that doesn't help give me an answer either.
This is a goofy grin i caught on camera, he was being cheesey!

Anyways - at this point in time he is:

Growing and filling out - I won't know exactly until his appointment, but little baby rolls are coming.

Finding his voice - he makes his lips into the shape of an "o" and coos and coos sometimes, I love it

Smiling more - I have yet to get a good picture of this, because usually it happens when he is done breast feeding and it is hard to censor a picture like that.  Sometimes I can talk to him and get a smile out of him now too which is fun.  It looks like he has 2 small dimples, maybe just 1 that is really visible to those that don't stare and study his face all day long.

Struggling with naps - this might have to do mostly with Tracen.  Tracen is testing baby brother out more (he just bit him as I wrote that), or helping with a soother (binky) when he is asleep and trying to pry it into his mouth, or testing his out his 2 year old lungs during nap time.

Loves bath time - and Tracen loves to help out with this, usually resulting in all of us being soaking wet.

Loves to be swaddled and held (rocked/moved) to go to sleep.

Now to find (or take) some pictures to go with this post.

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Sara said...

OK!! RAI is the cutest little boy ever. And I just read all your other posts (we have been traveling and without comps) you look amazing. love that you saw erika. Tracen is so big. love that you went to Canada. you are an amazing mom. I want to see you ASAP. love you and miss you.