Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Interview

 It's no secret that Tracen is a Daddy's boy.  Daddy can fix anything that is broken, or reach anything that is out of reach, and is usually a good person to go to for treats and trips to the park.  I am sure one day Rai will appreciate these things about his Daddy as well.    It is hard to get Tracen to sit still for very long, but I managed to get him to sit long enough to ask him a few questions.

What is Daddy’s favorite color? Red
What is Daddy’s favorite food? Umm.. quesadilla.  Daddy is quesadilla
What is Daddy’s favorite TV show? A movie. Favorite movie. Oh no, my movie.
What is Daddy’s favorite toy? Umm Toys?
What do you like to do with Daddy? I play Daddy. 
What do you play?  Toys? I play with Daddy.
Is Daddy funny?  Ya – NOPE. Tracen funny hahaha
Is Daddy handsome?  Ya, no Daddy  handsome at church. Daddy go to work.
What car does Daddy drive? Daddy’s truck.  Daddy’s truck white.
What color are Daddy’s eyes? Blue, daddy blue eyes
Do you go golfing with Daddy? Ummhmm.  I get a tee.  My tee, I lost my tee.  My tee my tee. Where my tee go?  Daddy’s truck?
How old is Daddy? Daddy Allred? Luke Allred.  Tracen is 2, Tracen Daddy Luke Allred.
Does Daddy love Tracen?  No, Tracen's right here

Tracen is also a pretty big fan of Papahashi.  Aren't we all though?  My Dad is pretty amazing.  He is always willing to drive any distance for any of his family (any number of times), always there for each one of his daughters, and loves to play with his grandchildren.  He loves to watch movies, eat good food and laugh.  I love that my Dad is so easy going, and when he gets mad it's mostly just funny (probably not for him) but he can't even stay mad for too long.  He is funny and he is smart and I sure love him. 
Papahashi's birthday this year in Vernal.  We (kind of) managed to get a picture with all his grandkids.  Too bad the flash went on for the other pictures and wiped out the ipad screen.   

And a Happy Fathers Day to my father-in-law as well.  He has taught me all about building things, how to do things more efficiently and is constantly making us all laugh.  He can make Tracen laugh all day long and is such a great example to us.  I sure lucked out and am so grateful for him!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Getting Settled (Flashback to April)

We were lucky that Rai decided to come early, and that the plans we had made for my Mom to come stay worked out exceptionally well and Papahashi could meet Rai and spend the weekend with all of us before heading home (for 2 weeks until he drove back to pick her up).
Tracen was spoiled with attention and people to play with for the first 6 weeks of Rai's life.

Rai slept and slept, and ate a little and slept some more.
We were spoiled with a HUGE bouquet of flowers, one of balloons (the big one played a song), one of candy and teddy bears galore for the boys from one of Luke's co-workers.  Another brought over a firetruck for Tracen and some baby clothes.  Luke is lucky to work with some really great (generous) people.

Tracen spent the first weeks with Rai just saying how cute he was over and over.  If anyone asked him about his brother, he responded with "He's SO cute".  And everytime Rai cried, Tracen would tell me that he needed more milk. 

Tracen also liked to try out all the baby things that started to show up around the house.  My mom has a great picture of him in this baby bouncer with a soother (binky) in his mouth.
Tracen and Grandma built cities.
And I spent a lot of time getting to know this cute face.
Rai had his first bath.
One day I am sure that Rai will better appreciate the splashes from his older brother during baths, but right now all the help from Tracen is a little overwhelming. 

I feel like we are finally settled into life as a family of four.  I already can't really remember life as just the 3 of us.  I am not saying that I have things completely under control, because I don't.  Each time I get the boys to nap at the same time for longer than 20 minutes feels like a victory (and a vacation) and sometimes I look back on the day and add up the hours spent making/feeding meals, changing clothes, or dealing with bodily functions of my boys and it makes me laugh.  Luke has been traveling a lot more for work, and the coming months will take him away more, and I don't feel the panic like I did before, so I know we are making progress.  We get enough sleep to get by, and I know I will be sad when the days of Tracen waking me up with a "mommy I woke up!" are gone.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

(Great) Grandma Mother's Day Tour 2014

 We were fortunate to be in Canada for Mother's Day this year, although I believe that Luke planned it that way so that he wouldn't have to make me dinner or bring me breakfast in bed.  The day before Mother's Day we went with Papahashi, JJ and Koko to take Grandma out for Mother's Day and to visit the rest of the Grandma's (my boys Great Grandma's).

This picture was actually taken the week before when we surprised Grandma by being in Canada.

Grandma and the blanket that she made for Rai.  It is so soft and beautiful.

Rai and Aunt Dawne.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures on my camera of Nana and the boys.  Tracen was running wild at this point and my Dad took him back outside so I could visit with Nana and Dawne.

Great Grandma Anderson.  Tracen keeps talking about "momma's mommy" and seeing cousins while we were there.

As you can see, Grandma sure loved to hold Rai.

Me and my boys on Mother's Day. 
I am so lucky to have such great grandmothers in my life, and amazing mothers as well.  My own mom is still helping me and taking care of me, and even took a loud (and then screaming) Tracen out during sacrament meeting on Mother's Day.  Tracen must have known it was a special day, and he woke me up that morning with poop falling out of his diaper on the floor (he was trying to take it off), and as usual was non-stop all day long.  Nana said she doesn't think she's ever seen him holding still, and that he's discovered perpetual motion.  But I am so grateful for these two boys of mine that have made me a mother, I do love that I get to spend my days with them, and that they truly are my best friends.