Sunday, July 13, 2014

3 months

Rai is now three months old (and now almost 3.5 months).  It is hard to think of life without him and I sure love getting to know him. 

 +He recently has started to like being laid down to go to sleep, and he still loves being swaddled as well
+His hands are always around his mouth and face, he loves to suck on his hand (yes, the whole thing, or as much of it as he can get in his mouth) he is constantly breaking out of his swaddle and pulling his soother (pacifier) out of his mouth

+Holds his head up pretty well, our couple of weeks on vacation took away tummy time, but he is doing a good job of holding that big head up (not kidding about the big head - we are talking 90th percentile and the rest of him is in the 50th)

+Can sit in a bumbo now for about 15 minutes
+Loves to be able to see what is going on
+He is so chatty, saying "oooo" over and over and then when he is done talking he usually gets really fussy and is ready to sleep

+Eating every 3 hours
+Sleeps for about a 4-5 hour stretch when I put him to bed at night, but I think he might sleep longer now that we are home and can get back to a schedule

+Still can't handle when I have diary, chocolate and mustard.  I also try to go easy on onions.  I did indulge in pizza when I was home with diary free cheese, it was good, but not the same.
+Gives out smiles without as much work, I love his little gummy smile and pin dimple
+Hates the sun in his eyes, especially when in his car seat (I think he is a little more sensitive than Tracen)

+Survived our long day at the Calgary Stampede in the 30+ degree weather like a champ, he's pretty easy going
+Is quickly growing out of his 3 month sleepers


Radfords said...

The picture of him where Luke is holding him! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? SO so so so cute! I just love him! And I think he is starting to love me too!

Mariko said...

He looks so grown-up! Does time really go that quickly?!?