Monday, August 4, 2014

Rai at 4 months

 I can't believe that this little bundle of joy is already 4 months old.  It is amazing to me how fast time goes by.
 Rai is finally starting to get into a routine.  He usually goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps anywhere from 2-4am and then has an awake chatty time around 5-6 and then sleeps again until 8, has a nap around 9:30 and then again around 1 and then a catnap around 5.  And he eats lots inbetween.
 He loves to talk and make noise, loves to sing along to music in the car and just yesterday started to click his tongue. 
 He likes to lay on his play mat and I don't know how, but he always manages to make his way off of it.  Just last week he learned to roll from his back to his tummy. 
 He could watch Tracen play all day long. 
 He still likes to be swaddled when going to sleep and loves his white noise and being rocked a little. 
 He sure reminds me a lot of his cousin Tyken.
 I feel like the more I eat, the less I can eat.  It seems like everything I eat gives him gas.   I am trying to be more conscious of my onion, garlic, bean consumption (along with the no dairy, no chocolate, no mustard). 
 He is a cheerful little guy, and does so good with being dragged along to parks, in and out of the carrier and carseat, to the grocery store, and loved by his big brother.

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jaqeerae said...

What a handsome boy! Proud of you, Alana. He is blessed to have you as his mother.