Monday, September 29, 2014

A quick visit and trip to Dinosaur National Monument

We were so lucky to have my Mom and Dad come and see us for a quick visit last weekend.  They came down to Utah to go see Elton John and we are more than grateful that they drove out here and made us a part of the trip.  The boys sure loved spending time with them.

Rai even tried some banana while they were here with Grandma's help.

We headed to the park, and I am not sure who had more fun - Grandma and Grandpa or Tracen?

My mom mentioned that this might be the last time they visit us in Vernal, and we decided to try to see more of the area.  We first had to stop at I Love Drilling, a smoothie/juice bar here that has over 50 options, sells waffles, and has a camouflage seat cover store and there is also a day spa.  With smoothies in hand we drove out to Dinosaur National Monument.  We were pleasantly surprised with what was out there. 

We drove up to the quarry and it was really cool, they have this building built on an open wall of a dinosaur quarry, you can touch a few real dinosaur bones and see hundreds.

The views from there are quite amazing. It was so cool that we went back as a family on Saturday and went on the little fossil discovery trail. 

We finished off their visit with a trip to what google said was the #1 restaurant in Vernal, The Quarry, close runner up was 7-11 coming in at #2. That tells you a bit about dining out here.

After dinner we sadly said good-bye and they left on their long drive home through the night. 

Here's hoping that we sell our place soon and get to Denver, and that their next visit is to us there.


Radfords said...

I had been meaning to ask if you went to Canada again when i saw the pics with your folks! Glad they visited you! I hope your house sells and that Luke's company says…."heck, let's pack up from Denver and just move on over to Provo!"
Ahhhh I like the sound of that! Hey, come play this weekend!!

Judy Takahashi said...

i loved that time with you all
looking forward to more adventures in Denver!