Friday, September 5, 2014

Jamie and Chet (Asian marries Japanese)

Jamie and Chet are married!!  I didn't think I would be able to make it to all the wedding festivities, but I managed to do it.  I drove up to Canada with my boys and we were able to be there for the (p)reception there, a bridal shower at my Aunts, and then we drove back down to Utah and made it to a shower that Chet's sister threw, and then the wedding and reception in Idaho.   In the month of August I think we saw Luke for a total of like 6 days or something.  Here are a few pictures the last week of wedding festivities ( I am not sure why the pictures are all over the place... has something to do with blogging from my phone)

Jamie and Chet are both half japanese (I wonder what their kids will look like!) and on their marriage license one of them is listed as Asian and one is listed as Japanese, so funny.

Jamie got all ready for her wedding night during a game at the shower at Kimi's.
 Last minute wedding prep

Waiting for the newlyweds:

The newlyweds:

It was so fun, and Jamie looked beautiful, I loved all her flowers and her dress and all of it.  Big thanks to Candi and Chris for taking Tracen to Bearworld with his cousins, and Jenelle for cuddling Rai during the wedding. It was so fun to be with our family before we all took off to different places.  We had a tearful group hug good-bye before Jamie and Chet left (we didn't want it to be like Father of the Bride)

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