Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tracen at 3 years

Tracen's birthday was over a month ago, but I just keep feeling like I need to write down some things about this stage in his life.  He just seems so grown up all the time.  Luckily he still needs me to do a few things: Like dress him (however, we are working on this and he is [finally] getting good at finding his clothes to wear...)
He is discovering money and all that goes along with that.  This makes for trouble every time we go to the store and he sees something he wants (why do grocery stores even have toys at them?).  When he was first figuring things out and asking for a hot wheel toy at the store one day with Luke, we told him we had no money, and asked him if he had some, and he answered "Ya, I do" "where is your money?" and he quickly answered "in Daddy's pocket".  I have been trying to get him to earn money by doing chores.  The other day he wanted money and said "Oh yeah, I have to earn it, I put my cars away!" And he did just that, he put away all the cars he was playing with, I gave him a penny and then he happily went and pulled all his cars back out. 

He always wants to make us laugh, or 'just wants to be happy'.  The only way he actually will look at the camera and be still for a picture usually involves him making a funny face, and he loves to admire his funny face afterwards and make sure that we both laugh at it. 

Not always a good rule follower, he is a good rule enforcer, so I know that he does know what the rules are, and although he pretends not to hear me, as soon as anyone else breaks a rule - he lets me (or them) know.

He is really into pretend and we spent a morning at The Children's Museum in Denver when we were last there, and he loved it.  He is also really into monsters, he is terrified of them, but talks about them all the time.
At the Children's museum, they had this cool little garden area and farmers market.

He loves to build things and thinks that his Daddy can build anything.  He also recently learned that Luke buys pumpjacks for work, and likes to tell me about it a lot.

He sure loves Rai.  Every time I bring Rai downstairs from his crhib, he always says " Mornin' Rai".  He usually will help me out and grab me things if it is for Rai.  Oh and for some reason he says "Yes Sir" to me. He also shares his best and favorite toys with him too. 

He is still very much into anything with an engine, cars, planes, trucks, construction equipment etc.

We love reading books, and he just started to tell his own stories.  "Once upon a time, there was a boy Tracen," He also sings a lot and makes up his own songs, with made up words.  He loves Beauty and the Beast and belting out "Be Our Guest". 

We love to go on walks and he points out every ant, beetle, flower, sound and likes to throw as many rocks as he can.  At this point in his life, every kid he sees is a friend and he is always ready to play with them.

He always asks for toast for breakfast, and any other meal he asks for peanut butter (pb & j) sandwich. 

I am sure there are so many other things I had every intention of writing down... but I can't seem to think of them.  I sure love this little boy of mine and I am grateful for the chance I have to be his Mom - even if it does keep me constantly on my toes.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rai at 6 months

I have no stats for him this month other than more mobile, noisy and bigger. 

We have started him on solids and are going the 'baby led weaning' way.  He loves eating real food (he mostly just plays with it and sucks on it). We have tried cucumber, mango, banana, broccoli, sweet potatoe, baby rice crackers and some toast. 

He must be teething but no teeth plain out yet, just rosy cheeks, swollen gums and a need to cuddle at all hours of the night and chew on everything.

He is so close to crawling. He rolls around so much that it makes putting him down for naps and bedtime take a little longer. 

For about a week he was saying "mum mum mum" but he has since started to explore other ways of making noise.

He's a happy smiley guy, until we are around people he doesn't know.  He enjoys bouncing around in his jumper thing and it allows me to have some time to make meals and clean our house (did I mention it's for sale??? Ahh)

Oh and he does this scrunch face all the time and when he does it he breathes heavily through his nose, it always makes me laugh.