Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rai at 6 months

I have no stats for him this month other than more mobile, noisy and bigger. 

We have started him on solids and are going the 'baby led weaning' way.  He loves eating real food (he mostly just plays with it and sucks on it). We have tried cucumber, mango, banana, broccoli, sweet potatoe, baby rice crackers and some toast. 

He must be teething but no teeth plain out yet, just rosy cheeks, swollen gums and a need to cuddle at all hours of the night and chew on everything.

He is so close to crawling. He rolls around so much that it makes putting him down for naps and bedtime take a little longer. 

For about a week he was saying "mum mum mum" but he has since started to explore other ways of making noise.

He's a happy smiley guy, until we are around people he doesn't know.  He enjoys bouncing around in his jumper thing and it allows me to have some time to make meals and clean our house (did I mention it's for sale??? Ahh)

Oh and he does this scrunch face all the time and when he does it he breathes heavily through his nose, it always makes me laugh. 


Erika said...

He is adorable. And he is also growing up WAYYYY too fast. Keep the pictures coming.

Radfords said...

Yup, I agree with Erika... growing way too fast…time for another! ;)
Ps I had no idea he was happy until he's around strangers…he must not consider me a stranger cause he totally loves me! :)

May Takahashi said...

He is growing so fast.

jaqeerae said...

I want to squeeze him. Cute boy. Remember when we facetimed the other day? :)