Thursday, November 13, 2014


Some kids look at the clouds to see what shapes they can see, other kids have fun looking at their poop and seeing what shapes they can see ("Oh it looks like a moon, oh it is a baby one awwww").

I have this one tooth that actually isn't a real tooth (just a crown) that has taken me to the dentist three times, the endodontist once and I have to go back to the dentist AGAIN!  Hopefully everything will go as planned (the crown will go on right and seal properly) and then I won't go to the dentist again... ever. Just kidding, but I feel like I should never go back.

Our house is still for sale.  American Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and then Christmas is not far behind.  I am stuck not knowing if we should be decorating for Christmas here or just pack everything up.  It feels like we are living a little in limbo... and now there is pressure to be in Denver for the beginning of January.

I am thinking about working out, and that is about as close as I get to actually working out these days. With teething babies, sick 3 year olds and then a sick mom,  I don't know where my time and energy is going... or I do know exactly where it is all going.

I have started watching Christmas movies.  I have about 5 recorded to watch and more set to record.  There is something about a Christmas movie that I love.  The cheesier the better!  The problem is finding time to watch them.  I usually watch little portions throughout the day and then I finish it before bed.

I decided to make a quiet book for the boys for Christmas.  It sounded like a great idea, and I got a great pattern, some good coupons for Joann's but it is hard to get everything out and put it all away.  I also was ambitious and thought I would make a bunch of them, HAHA (I laugh at myself), I will be lucky if one gets finished.


Radfords said...

Your tooth still isn't fixed????? I had no idea!
And I knew we were Christmas kindred spirits! :)
I just wish American Thanksgiving was celebrated when Canadian Thanksgiving is. Then I would't get such disgusted looks that my tree is up already haha.

Wilma said...

The first paragraph is the BEST!!!

I LOVE Christmas movies too! AND I also record them. The funny thing is, Dave and Chay enjoy watching them with me.

Good luck with the house....time for a Christmas miracle.