Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 I was reluctant to take the boys to go see Santa at the library.  I didn't know what to expect,  and then when I found out you needed tickets, and I didn't have them - It just didn't seem worth it.  Luckily, a Mom in our play group got some extra tickets, and I decided we had nothing to lose.  She also got there early and got our tickets numbered so that we were at the beginning of the group.  Tracen immediately spotted the basket of candy canes on the table beside where Santa would be, and I told him that he had to wait for Santa.  Finally Santa arrived and read all the kids The Polar Express.  Most of the kids were sitting quietly on the carpet listening....
 While Tracen was making his way behind Santa to try and snag a candy cane... behind Santa, but still in front of the entire group. 

 He did manage to get one out, before I got up there and put it back.  For someone who hates to be the center of attention, Tracen sure puts me there all the time. 

All Tracen asked for was "decorations" and was pleased to finally get a candy cane.  I got a picture before Rai burst into tears and started trying to get back into my arms.  
 If only the candy cane would have met expectations. Tracen wasn't too pleased to find out that it was peppermint and "spicy"... this is his face when he had a taste.
In conclusion, the library does Santa right here in Vernal.  I feel like I am learning all this information about Vernal a little too late.


Radfords said...

Are you kidding me? You have the cutest Santa pictures ever!! And I'm not just saying that... It's a fact. You guys make vernal look good!

Wilma said...

I think I like the story you just told better than the one Santa read.