Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas day and the rest (from my camera)

My Christmas posts have mostly pictures and not a lot of words, just because I feel overwhelmed with all there is to write.  We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas break this year, being with family and having Luke not have work for 2 weeks.  On our drive home we talked about all our favourite parts of the trip and there were many, but topping both Luke and I's list was going to see the live nativity at Heritage Park (as we do every year) and having Tracen kind of understand what was going on.  I sure felt the spirit SO strong as Tracen was so anxious to see Jesus.  What a wonderful time of year.

The boys opened up Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve (Thanks to Angie for making them for my boys) and a quiet book I have been working on for months.

We woke up early Christmas morning (at my  parents house) and saw that Santa had come, and we all opened our stockings.  Then we bundled up and headed to Luke's parents for breakfast (that turned into brunch) family and to open presents from Grammie and Papa.

Mid-afternoon it was back to my  parents house for the boys to open all their presents from Santa and everyone else. Man - we sure were spoiled!  (And Erika had the camera and took pictures of us opening our presents and I think we need to have her do that every year, I actually made it into some of the pictures)

I found this prank box for a "Super Scope" at Wal-mart and it sure had Luke confused for a few minutes.

Tracen spent an second he could playing with his new lego and other toys.

For New Years, we had a smaller crowd than in previous years, Dad made chinese food New Years Eve, and then Luke and I went out to Seth and Heidi's and ate some delicious taco's.  Rai was under the weather so we headed back to mom and dads and quietly rang in the new year.  New Years day we celebrated Grandpa's birthday with his signature pineapple upside down cake. 

Dad got us all selfie sticks for Christmas, and found one for himself at Auntie Wilma's favorite store... he has put it to good use.

Our trip was packed full with fun and activities.  Tracen got to go on a special date to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa while Luke went snowboarding with his brothers and I tended to a sick Rai.  We ate all our favorite Canadian food (earls, Cora, Vietnamese, etc) I got to spend time with most of my friends there.  We went tobogganing, shopping, Cardel with the Pratts, and back and forth from my parents to Luke's parents.  We went to a movie and Luke and I even got to go out for dinner without our kids.  It was hard to say good-bye and drive back home, and even more sad that we have to wait another year for Christmas.


Radfords said...

Ya, I look that good just waking up on Christmas morning too! ;)
It all looks so magical! Really and truly! Your kids are so dang freaking cute! AND----I will text you my favorite word from this post tomorrow! Haha

Wilma said...

I'm catching up on your blog again. I

Wilma said...

It makes me smile to read and see your blog. My favorite on this post may be your Mom enjoying her lip smacking delicious pineapple upside down cake and ice cream.