Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's my party!!!

Earlier this month I had a birthday.  I was showered with sweet birthday gifts, wishes and cards and phone calls from people I love.  It was probably one of my best birthdays!  Tracen had gone with Luke into Wal-mart one night to get my birthday gift a few days before my birthday and asked everyday if it was my birthday yet.  He really wanted to give me my  present.  On my birthday he couldn't wait for me to open it.  I could tell he picked it out himself:

A new Lego City set.  I have been sharing it with him ever since!  It actually is a good gift to me, as he loves to sit and play with his Lego. 
I also had to post these pictures of my little cat-boy.  I don't know why he loves that bottom step, but he really loves to just lay there.
Luke worked late the night before so that he could take off from work early and surprised me with some money for new clothes (and arranged for me to go shopping with Jamie the next morning), Jazz tickets, and a letter. 
We headed into the "city" and had a great dinner with Jamie and Chet (and it was even better because they didn't tell the server it was my birthday, and I didn't have to do anything embarrassing).

Then Jamie and Chet babysat our boys (and actually took them swimming... better than what we do) and Luke and I got to go on an actual date like Will Smith's song, Just the Two of Us. 
We went to the Laker/Jazz game. Luke is a big Lakers fan (too bad Kobe wasn't playing... but does he ever play anymore, I think retirement is calling his name) and it was sad to see them lose (for him, I could care less) but fun to be there and have great seats.
Jamie was the best host, and made me my favorite cake (that I can eat without dairy or chocolate) and I had some more for breakfast the next morning.

We went shopping for a few hours, then went for some lunch and hit the road back to Vernal.  I am not even going to talk about getting older - because that has been making me feel emotional, but I am excited for this next year.  I just love (and hate, because i get really sentimental) looking back on the past year and seeing all that has happened, how I've grown, or this past year, our family literally did grow.  But a special thanks to Luke and to Jamie for all the hard work they did to make my day so special!


Jamie Takahashi said...

I'm just so glad that I got to celebrate your birthday with you! I love you!

Radfords said...

The cake looks amazing, the date looks like a blast, the boy on the stairs is killing me with his cuteness, Tracen is very thoughtful, the husband is a keeper for that fun shopping money present, and the whole day sounds perfect. And remember, no matter how old you get, I'll always be older. 2 years older to be exact! But Glad you had a fun birthday old fart!

jaqeerae said...

I didn't know you cannot eat dairy...or chocolate?! I am now wondering what the cake is...