Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rai 9 months and Tracen 3 and half

Rai is 9 months now (weighing in at about 18.4 lbs)
He is army crawling everywhere and pulling himself up onto the couch and climbing the bottom 2 stairs - it will only be a matter of days before he gets further up. He still doesn't sleep that great and will not take a bottle of any kind.  When you say "how big is rai?" he puts his arms in the air, he also has started to wave.  This boy loves music and often hums along to any music he hears, and moves to the beat.  He thinks Tracen is just about the funniest human to have ever lived, and if, by chance, Tracen pays any attention to him he laughs and laughs.  He is better at feeding himself than Tracen (I am a huge fan of the baby led weaning) and loves banana's, raspberries, strawberries, peas, pineapple, olives, sweet potato, chicken --- basically anything he can get his hands on.  Tracen and Rai both love it when Daddy gets home from work and he will whine until Luke picks him up.  He doesn't like to be left out of boy time (like when Tracen helps Luke clean the garage or car) and he will go and cry by the garage door.  He loves to try to say "Boo" and doesn't laugh as much as he gives the biggest smiles.

Tracen is just about 3 and half now (weighing in at about 34 lbs)
I can't believe how grown up he is these days.  He is very in love with all the Lego he got for Christmas and could sit and build for hours, for anyone that knows him, it is amazing that he will sit and do anything for that long.  He loves to help me in the kitchen, especially when it involves cracking eggs.  He recently became a sunbeam in Primary and gave his first scripture this past Sunday - he did great (Matthew 14:33). He loves to sing songs LOUD, and is never that concerned about what the real words are.  He loves to run, and all his shoes are good for going fast.  He cracks me up with things he says, like when he burped and told me that he had a hiccup fart. Our days go a lot smoother if he knows what the plans are ahead of time, and if things don't go according to plan, it can make for a rough time.  He is very much Luke's son and is like a mini-me of him, not to mention how much he just wants to be exactly like him.  He loved all the snow in Canada and going sledding, and still asks if he can go "super skeeting (skating)".   He is very watchful of Rai and lets me know whenever he is doing something that he doesn't approve of, and often takes away ALL his toys.

I sure love these two boys more than anything.  They fill my day with laughter and smiles and are definitely teaching me lots of patience and other important lessons.


Radfords said...

We are blog twins today!! :)
Tracen is such a good big brother to little rai guy! They will be best of friends, and when that happens, I hope they decide they need two red headed best friends as well! :)
And how could you have ever asked for a better baby than rai? Don't think I have ever heard him cry and I always see him happy! Even when crazies invade his room!

Sara said...

dude I love those boys. miss you so much.
I also love your other blog post. You look AMAZING! and I love having good friends throughout different stages of life. Wish we were closer.

miss you

Mariko said...

Tracen sounds so much like Harrison. Ugh, I wish they could be buddies!

Amber Hendricks said...

Cassie has been introducing me to the idea of BLW, did you do it with Tracen? I am so intrigued, but it also stresses me out just a touch. Tell me more, tell me more!