Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vernal Visitors

Luckily Melanie is on the ball and updated her blog about their trip to visit us, so I just copied and pasted her pictures so that I could finally update the blog. We have the best friends that we met in Rexburg and they all came out and visited us in Vernal.  Who knew that one day we would all end up in Utah (even if it was only for a few months).

I actually got to have a girls night out.  Obviously this was the best idea for a pose.  We went for dinner and did some shopping.  Too bad for everyone else, because we had to go back earlier that we probably normally would have so I could nurse Rai.

After our GNO and the kids were all sleeping, we played Just Dance.  It was a lot of fun, and a good workout.

The kids played really well together, watched movies and preferred to use the bathroom for "great parties". Tracen is always the only boy of the group.
Tracen always asks if we can go to Stori's house, or if she can come back to our house.

I was actually kind of nervous about having food everyone would like (especially because I can't eat dairy and a lot of easy meals include that) but I think we did ok.  Check out our personalized pizzas, mine is the one without the cheese of course.

The men went shooting Saturday morning, so we ventured out into the cold to play at "the fire ant park".   The kids did pretty good, even with the cold temperatures.

After lunch, the men took the older kids to check out Dinosaur National Monument, and then they took a little drive around Vernal and ended with a trip to Petco.

That night the men went to a "game night" and the girls stayed home and struggled to get the children to all sleep at the same time, and dyed Melanie's hair and talked and talked.  Sadly we said good-bye early Sunday morning.  Our house felt empty and seemed too quiet.  Tracen doesn't have many friends here in Vernal, and he keeps talking about when his friends came to his house.  Hopefully when we move to Denver, we can still have crazy fun weekends like this.  

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Radfords said...

I've always wanted to party in Denver! So thanks for moving there so that I can! But don't leave meeeeeeee!!! :(