Thursday, February 19, 2015

A little piece of Rai

 Just some pictures from my phone from the past couple weeks.   A few weeks ago we spent a few days in Denver to look at areas, houses and possibilities to live.  It was fun (especially for Tracen) to stay at a hotel and go swimming everyday.  We ate lots of good food and got excited to be moving to a real city again.  Besides when we have lived in Calgary for a few months at a time, we have never lived close to a Costco, and we love Costco, just one of the perks of moving to Denver. 

 Our Tuesday play group got to go on a trip to the Dinosaur Museum here in town (for FREE).  We were the only ones in the entire museum and we did a few laps of the inside before heading outside to play for a good 20 minutes.  After we went for cheap day at Cafe Rio, so both Tracen and I were very happy.  He sure is going to miss his friends in his play group.

The younger play groupies.  Kaden, Rai and Declan.

Tracen, Seth, Mason - all screaming because the T-Rex is going to get them.
With the winter weather not existing this year, we have gone on many trips to the park without any coats or mitts, or hats.  On this particular day, I had the pleasure of taking a superhero to the park.  He loves to save me from all the bad guys, and loves when he 'flies' and his cape flies behind him.

We were so excited when we got a package in the mail, some cookies from Candi.

Last week Rai had surgery, and we will be leaving a little piece of Rai in Vernal.  He was born with a skin tag on his left ear, and it was too big for them to remove at birth (and had some cartilage in it) and so we finally got the OK from the doctor to get it removed.  He got us in that day to see Dr. Catten for a consult and I just have to say that I will be sad to leave our doctors out here.  It was a long night before the surgery because Rai couldn't eat or drink anything after 11pm, and he isn't close to sleeping through the night, so he mostly just cried all night. 

He sure loves this monkey, we brought it with us for him to hold on to, and it made him happy.
The actual surgery only took about 15 minutes, and they gave him a little bit of gas so he slept right through it all.   He woke up a little upset, and then had a hard time napping the rest of the day without some medicine, but by the next day he was back to his normal self. 
You can kind of see the cut by his ear.  It is glued shut and the glue should fall off in the next week or two.
Then we got more exciting mail, some Valentines from (Great) Grandma Takahashi.  How her mail always arrives just in time will always be a mystery, and a talent that I want.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Only words.

I keep saying that we are moving, and we are... it is just taking a lot longer than we planned.  It feels like there is still so much left up in the air.  Some not so fun things, or stresses lately:

1. Will the sale of our house go through?  Our realtor had 7 (SEVEN) sales fall through last week, considering it took us more than 90 days to get an acceptable offer, it would be devastating. I know everyone is praising these low gas prices, but it is causing a lot of trouble in this neck of the woods- so many people are getting laid off.   It is unlike Canada here, and until we close at the end of Feb (and have to be out at the same time) nothing is officially official, and it could fall through. 

2.  Then where do we go?  The market in Denver is crazy.  We also have no real strong opinions about where to live (not Aurora, not Lakewood, and I have this weird thing when I think about my kids going to Columbine High School), we have no family to be close to, and no friends for that matter.  We spent a few days in Denver last week for the sole purpose of house hunting (area searching) and even made on offer on a house ($15,000+ more than the asking price) and they went with a different offer.  It wasn't even THAT great of a house, and needed a good amount of money put into it, but it was a great location.  But it looks like we will be hotel living for a few weeks - maybe a Canada trip in there.

3.  Diarrhea.  House hunting and a young child has the runs, it just isn't fun. 

4.  A lethargic, sad, cuddly baby with no appetite.  I cried a few times over Rai being sick.  He started the week teething, and then his teeth cut through and he was still feverish and miserable.  The night before we left to Denver I considered taking him in to the hospital, and then got terrified of how much that would cost and didn't do it.  More tears, from him and me, and then I noticed his head was tilted, and then noticed he couldn't turn his head.  We found a (sketchy-looking) walk-in Chiropractor where we were and had a (not-so-sketchy-looking) Chiropractor fix him up, his neck was out in 3 places, and very tense.  It was like night and day - he immediately cheered up.  What a relief.

But now onto some good less stressful things lately:

A.  Lego.  Hours and hours of our spent building and re-building Lego.  I can {usually} make dinner, or lunch, without a 3-year-old at my side whining.  Also, Tracen's imagination is going wild and he really likes things to be symmetrical.

B.  We are moving!  It is really going to happen.  Vernal has been real, and it has been fun, but it hasn't been real fun.

C.  Luke still has a job.  I'm not kidding about how many people have been laid off in the past 10 days.  It really is devastating.

D.  The library is our saving grace when we are getting stir crazy.  They do so many cool songs, crafts, poems and activities.