Monday, March 23, 2015

Things coming together

---Only about 20 days late, the sale of our house finally went through {ENTER HALLELUJAH CHORUS} and just in the nick of time because a ton of homes just hit the Vernal market.

---Luke found us a place to rent in Golden, Colorado while we build our house.  I have never been to Golden, but it is a smaller town nestled in the base of the mountains (?).  It is a small 2 bedroom basement suite and I am excited to see how our boys do sharing a room... they can't sleep much worse.
I found this picture online of downtown Golden, Co

---After almost 4 weeks of being apart, we were finally reunited with Luke!  His flight got delayed a bunch so he didn't end up getting in until 1am, but it was so good to be together again. Tracen woke up in the morning and was feeling a little emotional and then when Luke woke up and Tracen saw he was there his entire mood changed.  We spent Friday as a family and went swimming and to Wendy's (why is is SO much better in Canada, and so much more expensive?)  and Luke and I got to go on a date Friday night and to the temple Saturday morning.  

I don't think we will ever spend that much time apart again, but I have enjoyed being at home and spending time with family and am sad thinking about leaving again.  We are excited (and nervous) to start this next chapter of our lives together in Colorado though... when we get there Saturday.


kayla said...

That's so exciting that everything is finally working out! You'll have to send me your new address when you get settled so I can send you a wedding announcement!

Radfords said...

The town definitely looks like it has charm, and the name is adorable! So glad you and Luke were reunited!! And a date! 😍
So excited for your new adventures!!!

Kaiti Klara said...

So excited for you!!! The town looks so picturesque