Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

Keeping me on my toes

I don't actually have pictures of all the times that my boys give me a heart attack, or make a huge mess, but I am constantly busy because of them. Tracen is harder to get pictures of, he is always on the go.  He recently learned how to open bottles, and it has been a lot of fun finding that out the hard way.

They get stuck in weird places.  Rai really has been struggling with this a lot lately.

Rai climbs.  Tracen was never a climber (still doesn't really like it at the playground), but Rai has figured out how to climb out of his high chair, even after I started buckling him in. 

He has done this SO many times, you would think that by now all the wipes would be out of his reach? Nope, not when he has a brother to help him out.

Rai also loves to just lay on the floor close to nap times.

This isn't his first mishap with toothpaste.  It was all over the other towels, and his clothes, and then me by the end of it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pictures on my camera

Both these boys like to be center of (my) attention, so they both get frustrated when the other is center stage.

Learning to brush his teeth in our place in Vernal

How big is Rai?  So BIG!

I put this on here because you can really see his skin tag in it, and he no longer has it.

Tracen playing in the snow at Grandma and Grandpa's.

My content little boy.

I made all these cookies for Rai's birthday party that never happened. 

Kananaskis for a few hours

We have pictures of my sisters and I on this same bridge when we are little.

Gift shop exploring. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rai is ONE

These pictures are not in order, but I don't want to spend a lot of time moving them around, so this will have to do. 

Rai had his first birthday!  I can hardly believe that he is already one, and it was a emotional week for me thinking about how my baby is no longer a baby.

 I was so happy that Luke had the day off to celebrate with us. We had waffles for breakfast.
 Tracen couldn't wait for Rai to open his presents (what do you buy a 1 year old? I still don't really know.. he got a few books).  Tracen also insisted that we have party hats, because what is a birthday without party hats?  I was too cheap to pay for some at Target, and never got to a dollar store, so I made some. 

 I think this picture is a good reflection of their relationship up close.  Rai loves Tracen, but mostly when he isn't within reach, when he is, it is a little scary.
 We went to an early movie (it was more like a party for Tracen, but Rai is so easy going, he doesn't mind) and decided to do a quick walk around a mall we had never been too.  It was HUGE and took us almost 2 hours to walk around it, home for naps, then dinner and cupcakes.

When we were in Canada, we also had a little birthday celebration for Rai with my family (it really was Candi's birthday party and Rai was invited to join in).  I had plans to throw a party, but with so many party's going on with Luke's family and only so much time with Luke there with us, it got eliminated.   
 I have no idea what is going on with Tracen in this picture, but he wanted me to take it.  I like that his shirt is wet, there is something in his hand and the knees on his jeans are wearing out.
 Tracen had been downstairs while we were getting the food ready, and came up really happy and saying he needed to wash his hands.  This made me nervous, he said he found something, so we started to ask him questions (he has a sixth sense for finding candy and chocolate and I had thought he found a secret stash) and then my heart sank and I asked him if he found a cake.  He had.  I didn't even think to take a picture of Candi's cake after we finished it (it had her age on top with sprinkles). I was glad he left Rai's little cake alone though... he was just so proud of himself.  He is so much like Curious George, and gets in so much trouble without meaning to.

Anyways, here are some things about Rai at 1:
- Doesn't say much in the form of words... will only mimic Tracen (and he mimicked my Dad too) sometimes.  Does a pretty good job of translating what he wants with what he grabs for and squeels, screams and giggles
-Has 7 teeth: 4 on top and 3 on the bottom
-Loves to splash in the tub, hates the feeling of laying down in it at all
-Pulls himself up on everything, but could care less about trying to stand without holding anything or walking by himself
-Laughs hardest when Tracen makes him laugh, or when we give him raspberries on his belly
- Has never slept completely through the night (but has made some improvements this past week thanks to Calm)
-Has started to whine when Tracen gets something and he doesn't, like the iPad on our drive to Colorado, or when Tracen is going somewhere with Luke and he doesn't get to go
-Loves music, always taps his feet when he hears it in the car, when not in the car he bounces and waves his arms like crazy
- He really is pretty content and easy going. Although he doesn't always easily give out smiles, he is happy to sit in the cart or stroller when we go out, and plays pretty well by himself at home
-Takes two naps a day: one in the morning (usually about an hour) and one in the afternoon (usually closer to 2 hours)
-Eats pretty good and likes to try anything that anyone is eating.  His favorites are: beans, tomato's, pea's, orange, banana, sweet potato.  He is not a big fan of: avocado, carrots, apples
-Just learned how to climb out of his high chair (buckle or no buckle), and onto anything that is less that 2 feet high
-Loves animals, whenever he hears birds he gets really quiet and smiles and listens, and loves to try to mimic dogs barking
-Loves the toilet, and watching the washing machine and dryer
-Loves to be silly, tries to scare me and say "boo" and thinks it's so funny