Monday, April 20, 2015

Keeping me on my toes

I don't actually have pictures of all the times that my boys give me a heart attack, or make a huge mess, but I am constantly busy because of them. Tracen is harder to get pictures of, he is always on the go.  He recently learned how to open bottles, and it has been a lot of fun finding that out the hard way.

They get stuck in weird places.  Rai really has been struggling with this a lot lately.

Rai climbs.  Tracen was never a climber (still doesn't really like it at the playground), but Rai has figured out how to climb out of his high chair, even after I started buckling him in. 

He has done this SO many times, you would think that by now all the wipes would be out of his reach? Nope, not when he has a brother to help him out.

Rai also loves to just lay on the floor close to nap times.

This isn't his first mishap with toothpaste.  It was all over the other towels, and his clothes, and then me by the end of it.

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