Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mother's Day and Disneyland

Our little family spends time together because we don't live close to any other family, but we actually haven't had a family vacation with just our little family of four EVER.  We usually spend all Luke's time off of work going to visit our family (which we love and is important as well) but I think that fun time together as a little family is important.  After some long months of moving, Luke being gone every other week and some parenting difficulties I was in desperate need of a vacationi!

Luke was out of town in Arizona, and was due to get back on Saturday and told me on Friday that he had planned a trip for us in Disneyland the next week. We would leave on Sunday (Mother's Day)!  It was just what I needed to re-charge and for all of us to bond and be happy together.  Tracen was awesome, and Rai slept better than he ever has (or has yet to sleep since coming home).  I think the quality time for Tracen and Luke was what the two of them needed, and just being together without tears was what I needed. 

I am hoping to make a little fun video of everything, but in case that never happens, here are some pictures. 

 * Note: Tracen HATES taking pictures, which means that most of the pictures of him he is purposely not looking, or purposely not smiling which means the following pictures result.
I may have gotten upset after trying to take this pictures because I just wanted one good picture.
Pretty sure the picture that the Disney people took at least had Tracen looking. 

Goofy's kitchen for dinner, Rai was not a fan of all the characters.

Take your kid to work day

Back when Jamie came to visit, Tracen got to go to work with Luke.  I was waiting to post about it when I had Luke's pictures of the two of them at work, but that might never happen.  Tracen was so excited to go, and always talks about "going to Daddy's city".  They both survived the day, and Tracen was apparently the best dressed guy in the office. 

Getting ready for work
Heading out the door

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jamie part 2

Luke took Tracen to the Rockies game Friday night and we went and tried Native Foods and went home to enjoy Dateline or 20/20 or something.

I made Jamie get up early on Saturday and we went and hiked the Night Gulch Trail.  I had thought it was a 5 mile loop, but it was really a 5 mile hike there, and then 5 miles back. It was twice the length that we were expecting, but it was a great way to start the day.  The trail head is just around the corner from our house.  We saw tons of these caterpillar's on the bushes.

Saturday afternoon we drove Jamie through downtown Denver and on to Park Meadow's to check out the Americana Lego exhibit at the mall.  It was seriously impressive.  My favorite was the Lincoln Memorial with a little Lincoln inside.

We drove by the temple on our way home, our first glimpse at it.  Now we need to go back and go inside.

Sunday was rainy and so we had a relaxing day inside.  

Monday before Jamie's flight we went to check out Hammonds, a candy factory.  I admit that I have a strange fascination with candy factories, and I love a free tour (and samples).

And then she was off - back to Provo.  It was so fun to have her here and to spend time with family.  It is also fun to play tourist in Denver, and I can't wait to explore more and find all the cool things to show people when they come.... PLEASE COME VISIT US PEOPLE.

For better pictures check out Jamie's Blog

Jamie part 1

We were so lucky to have Jamie come visit us in our new stomping grounds last month. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope she did too, even though I packed our days full of activities and it probably didn't feel much like a break between semesters. 

Tracen got to go to work with Luke on Thursday and it was perfect for us to check out the red rocks amphitheater. Our calves were sore the next couple of days from all the steps.

I can't wait to go to a concert here. I don't know why I was under the impression that it was so far from our place, but it was only 18 minutes away. 

We went to Boulder and then took Jamie to try Freddy's. 

On Friday we spent most of the day at the zoo.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Family fun day: Zoo and Buffalo Bill's grave

Although I complain about our apartment being dark, this is kind of a good thing because it get's us out of the house a whole lot.  We have gone on lots of drives to see what is around us.  We got a family zoo pass and so far I have been 4 times and see new things each time.  We have even got to go with Luke 2 times - it is the perfect Saturday morning activity.

Right down the road from us is the mountain that Buffalo Bill is buried on. We ventured up the mountain (driving - and Luke and I both got a little scared of heights on the way up) and I don't know if we even actually saw his grave.  The views were fun, the museum too expensive for us cheapskates, but Tracen keeps wanting to go back. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

First trip to the dentist

I blamed it on moving, and trying to get settled, but really I was dreading taking Tracen to the dentist.  He can hardly sit still long enough to put on his shoes, so I was really nervous to how he would do.  But when I could tell he had a cavity I had to face my fears. 

And ----- He did GREAT!  The pediatric office we went to was really good though.  They gave him a tour (after another patient was done crying, they didn't want to scare him), and explained everything they were doing before they did it. 

He got some x-rays done, and I don't remember the last time he actually stood still like this.

And as I suspected, he had a cavity, and we quickly got it filled.  Nothing about the experience was scary or traumatizing and he has even asked when he gets to go back.  Woohoo!