Monday, May 4, 2015

Family fun day: Zoo and Buffalo Bill's grave

Although I complain about our apartment being dark, this is kind of a good thing because it get's us out of the house a whole lot.  We have gone on lots of drives to see what is around us.  We got a family zoo pass and so far I have been 4 times and see new things each time.  We have even got to go with Luke 2 times - it is the perfect Saturday morning activity.

Right down the road from us is the mountain that Buffalo Bill is buried on. We ventured up the mountain (driving - and Luke and I both got a little scared of heights on the way up) and I don't know if we even actually saw his grave.  The views were fun, the museum too expensive for us cheapskates, but Tracen keeps wanting to go back. 


Radfords said...

Oh my heck!!! I was just entertained for a good hour catching up on your blog! LOVE all these Colorado posts! You are definitely making us want to come, and that's not just something I say lightly!
And by the way---props to Tracen for his awesome dentist Apt! He's a good egg. Which reminds me, we took the girls to the Payson temple open house and Stori asked if she was going to marry tracen there? Duh!

jaqeerae said...

got caught up on all your posts since January! Where have I been? So excited for your move and to see your new home :)