Saturday, May 2, 2015

First trip to the dentist

I blamed it on moving, and trying to get settled, but really I was dreading taking Tracen to the dentist.  He can hardly sit still long enough to put on his shoes, so I was really nervous to how he would do.  But when I could tell he had a cavity I had to face my fears. 

And ----- He did GREAT!  The pediatric office we went to was really good though.  They gave him a tour (after another patient was done crying, they didn't want to scare him), and explained everything they were doing before they did it. 

He got some x-rays done, and I don't remember the last time he actually stood still like this.

And as I suspected, he had a cavity, and we quickly got it filled.  Nothing about the experience was scary or traumatizing and he has even asked when he gets to go back.  Woohoo! 


Felipe Roberson said...

I guess it’s safe to say that the risk was worth it. Haha! There is a bit of trepidation that follows a dental visit. That is understandable; a lot of things can occur in that kind of situation, after all. Though ultimately, you go with what will ensure the welfare of your kid best, in ways that still put you in a strong position to support him. Anyway, it’s great that he did well on the visit, and seems to be looking forward to his next. Thanks for sharing this with us, Lana. Cheers!

Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist

Daryl Harrington said...

Bringing Tracen to the dentist is really important, in order for you to be aware of any dental problems he may have, and for them to be corrected as early as possible. It's great that you already put away your forebodings about the matter. Anyway, I'm glad that his first trip to the dentist was a success. Thanks for sharing that wonderful milestone, Lana! All the best to your family!

Daryl Harrington @ Dental Store

KandyJill said...

Haha I love the picture of him getting the X-Ray! What a tough guy! :)