Friday, September 25, 2015


These pictures are not in any order, but at least they are making onto the blog.  When we were home for August, we stayed for an extra 5 days and we really packed a lot of fun into that week with Jamie and Chet and Angie and Mike and their family.  One day we went to Callaway park and then had a fun fire and s'mores at Edworthy. 

On this day we went to Drumheller.  I was so tired that I didn't know if I would be able to go because I was worried I would fall asleep at the wheel.  Thankfully Jamie and Chet drove my car, Brylie went and entertained the boys and I got to nap on the drive there with Angie and Mike. 

We had so much fun, and visited the suspension bridge and the hoo-doos as well.  But because my computer hard-drive is out, those pictures are as well.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Aloha Bridal Shower

I was waiting to get pictures from my phone and camera all in one place so I could finally keep posting all of our adventures from the summer, but my computer died yesterday (just the hard drive, but that is important to a computer). Something is better than nothing, right?

Going up to Canada for the month of August allowed me (and then Angie too - much to her surprise) to help Jenelle with her wedding.  First we had a bridal shower, and somehow, all the Takahashi girls ended up being there.  None of our spouses were there, which sounds bad, but was kind of fun too.  

With Jenelle's love for Hawaii, we decided to use that as inspiration for the party.  Everything turned out perfect and we had a great turnout - despite it being a hot day and no air conditioning.
Jamie made some mad-libs for people to fill out to give advice.

Along with some other appetizer type food, we had some island inspired treats, pani popo, haupia pudding squares, POG, etc. And somewhere else i have a picture of the pineapple cheese dip that Candi made that looked like a pineapple.

Anyone can tell you that I am not a good host, I feel so awkward, but I do like planning and putting things together for a party - but it took hard work from all the girls, and I don't think I could have pulled it off without them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Canada Trip #1

How lucky we were to be able to spend so much time in Canada this summer.  The boys and I spent 7 weeks there over the course of 2.5 months.  

We planned our first trip around Luke's trip to North Dakota, so he drove us to Billings MT where we met my parents, and we spent Father's Day driving back to Canada.  I was sitting in the back of the van and Rai wouldn't go to sleep and thought I should entertain him the whole time. 

We enjoyed the week playing at the park, going on walks and I don't remember what else.
I babysat for Michael and Petrea and there were 6 kids 6 and under - Candi showed up at just the right time to help me out.

Luke got there that weekend and we left for the cabin on Tuesday, where I only took a couple pictures on my phone. ( I did make a video a few posts back). 

Oh ya, and before we went to the cabin we got to pick up my bestie, Sara, and her kids at the airport for their trip to Canada.  Later during our trip we also got to go play some games after our kids went to bed.  It was so fun to hang out, I wish we lived closer.
The day after we got home from the cabin we went to Kids Day at the stampede.  We saw Dad "working" the stampede breakfast.

Then went to go see Erika at work (and got some really good lemonade).  We also got to see Jenelle in the Popsicle Truck.

We also played some games (well Tracen did), went to SuperDogs with Dave and Ash, saw the snowmobile do a backflip, and ate our fair share of deep-fried deliciousness. The people watching is also always top-notch at the stampede.

The day before we left we celebrated Mom and Dad's anniversary and had chinese food and played Coup that night.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

More from June

June was a blur of park days, swimming lessons and ice cream. 

 I was so happy to have my long-time friend, Allison, come to Denver for work.  We've been friends since 7th grade and for once it was me who had a dinner appointment (because Luke often is the one that has dinners he has to go to for work).
 We got to take our friends to the zoo with us. 
 We managed to check out the Golden Farmers Market, and I love everything about Farmers markets.  Sadly, we didn't bring enough cash with us to buy more than this cob of corn.

 Tracen loves when we walk by this statue, we had to take a picture with it on the way to the park, and on the way back, as you can see lower down.

Our house foundation was finally poured after a very rainy may, and it has been fun to see it being built.

Luke's Birthday

I have gotten SO far behind in blogging and i feel so overwhelmed trying to catch up - but the nagging feeling of this being the only journal and record of our lives is not leaving me alone.  So I will try. 

Back in June we celebrated Luke's birthday!  The only thing he really wanted was an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  It was a really hot day and I was running all sorts of errands (and now i can't remember what) but I packed a little cooler with me and made sure it was our last stop before heading home.  I lie, it was our second last stop as i picked up chick-fil-A take-out for lunch to be eaten at home.  As we were nearing home, the tire light went on and there was a weird sound.  I immediately had a thought to drive to a certain gas station because I was sure our tire blew.  

I was not happy to see that flat tire, and started to quietly panic.  I began to frantically call Luke over and over, he wasn't answering and i didn't want to have to change the tire (I am sure I could have figured it out if I needed).  He text me that he was in a meeting, and I text him what happened.  I was sitting in the drivers seat just about to let the tears flow when I heard a knock on my window.  I looked up to see a guy and rolled my window down and he asked if he could change my tire for me!  He drove a green muscle car and actually worked for a big trucking tire company.  He was quite literally an answer to prayer, and Luke's biggest concern was our safety the safety of the ice cream cake, and all was fine!
We celebrated by eating at Freddy's, ice cream cake and then spent the night playing basketball at the park.  I just have to add that I did beat Luke in a game of 21.