Monday, September 21, 2015

Aloha Bridal Shower

I was waiting to get pictures from my phone and camera all in one place so I could finally keep posting all of our adventures from the summer, but my computer died yesterday (just the hard drive, but that is important to a computer). Something is better than nothing, right?

Going up to Canada for the month of August allowed me (and then Angie too - much to her surprise) to help Jenelle with her wedding.  First we had a bridal shower, and somehow, all the Takahashi girls ended up being there.  None of our spouses were there, which sounds bad, but was kind of fun too.  

With Jenelle's love for Hawaii, we decided to use that as inspiration for the party.  Everything turned out perfect and we had a great turnout - despite it being a hot day and no air conditioning.
Jamie made some mad-libs for people to fill out to give advice.

Along with some other appetizer type food, we had some island inspired treats, pani popo, haupia pudding squares, POG, etc. And somewhere else i have a picture of the pineapple cheese dip that Candi made that looked like a pineapple.

Anyone can tell you that I am not a good host, I feel so awkward, but I do like planning and putting things together for a party - but it took hard work from all the girls, and I don't think I could have pulled it off without them.

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KandyJill said...

Dude!!! That shower looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!