Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Canada Trip #1

How lucky we were to be able to spend so much time in Canada this summer.  The boys and I spent 7 weeks there over the course of 2.5 months.  

We planned our first trip around Luke's trip to North Dakota, so he drove us to Billings MT where we met my parents, and we spent Father's Day driving back to Canada.  I was sitting in the back of the van and Rai wouldn't go to sleep and thought I should entertain him the whole time. 

We enjoyed the week playing at the park, going on walks and I don't remember what else.
I babysat for Michael and Petrea and there were 6 kids 6 and under - Candi showed up at just the right time to help me out.

Luke got there that weekend and we left for the cabin on Tuesday, where I only took a couple pictures on my phone. ( I did make a video a few posts back). 

Oh ya, and before we went to the cabin we got to pick up my bestie, Sara, and her kids at the airport for their trip to Canada.  Later during our trip we also got to go play some games after our kids went to bed.  It was so fun to hang out, I wish we lived closer.
The day after we got home from the cabin we went to Kids Day at the stampede.  We saw Dad "working" the stampede breakfast.

Then went to go see Erika at work (and got some really good lemonade).  We also got to see Jenelle in the Popsicle Truck.

We also played some games (well Tracen did), went to SuperDogs with Dave and Ash, saw the snowmobile do a backflip, and ate our fair share of deep-fried deliciousness. The people watching is also always top-notch at the stampede.

The day before we left we celebrated Mom and Dad's anniversary and had chinese food and played Coup that night.

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