Thursday, September 3, 2015

Luke's Birthday

I have gotten SO far behind in blogging and i feel so overwhelmed trying to catch up - but the nagging feeling of this being the only journal and record of our lives is not leaving me alone.  So I will try. 

Back in June we celebrated Luke's birthday!  The only thing he really wanted was an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  It was a really hot day and I was running all sorts of errands (and now i can't remember what) but I packed a little cooler with me and made sure it was our last stop before heading home.  I lie, it was our second last stop as i picked up chick-fil-A take-out for lunch to be eaten at home.  As we were nearing home, the tire light went on and there was a weird sound.  I immediately had a thought to drive to a certain gas station because I was sure our tire blew.  

I was not happy to see that flat tire, and started to quietly panic.  I began to frantically call Luke over and over, he wasn't answering and i didn't want to have to change the tire (I am sure I could have figured it out if I needed).  He text me that he was in a meeting, and I text him what happened.  I was sitting in the drivers seat just about to let the tears flow when I heard a knock on my window.  I looked up to see a guy and rolled my window down and he asked if he could change my tire for me!  He drove a green muscle car and actually worked for a big trucking tire company.  He was quite literally an answer to prayer, and Luke's biggest concern was our safety the safety of the ice cream cake, and all was fine!
We celebrated by eating at Freddy's, ice cream cake and then spent the night playing basketball at the park.  I just have to add that I did beat Luke in a game of 21.


jaqeerae said...

Aw what a nice guy to help you with the tire! And the crossed out line was hilarious!

Dawn said...

God even inspires truckers in muscle cars. Saving ice cream cakes is clearly celestial.

That happened to my daughter and I recently. After not being able to reach Allen, we decided we should just hurry up and change it. We got out the manual, figured it all out - but couldn't get the lug nuts loose. We decided to say a prayer that either someone would stop who could help us or that Jill would get some super strength. We opened our eyes and there was a car pulling up behind us. Jill was a little disappointed. She really wanted some temporary super powers :)