Thursday, September 3, 2015

More from June

June was a blur of park days, swimming lessons and ice cream. 

 I was so happy to have my long-time friend, Allison, come to Denver for work.  We've been friends since 7th grade and for once it was me who had a dinner appointment (because Luke often is the one that has dinners he has to go to for work).
 We got to take our friends to the zoo with us. 
 We managed to check out the Golden Farmers Market, and I love everything about Farmers markets.  Sadly, we didn't bring enough cash with us to buy more than this cob of corn.

 Tracen loves when we walk by this statue, we had to take a picture with it on the way to the park, and on the way back, as you can see lower down.

Our house foundation was finally poured after a very rainy may, and it has been fun to see it being built.

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