Monday, October 5, 2015

Bubble Guppie Party

Drat-- these photo's are not at all in the right order and I am far too lazy to correct them.  With Meika and Tracen having their birthdays only a few days apart, and us being in the same place the week before it just made sense to have a party. 

Angie and I had just come off of helping with Jenelle's wedding *we never did take a picture of the wedding cake fail* and I wish we lived close so that we could always throw parties together.   We didn't have too many ideas of what we would do for the party, just mostly that the theme would be Bubble Guppies.  Meika has a striking resemblance to Molly, and Tracen to Gil, and it turned out to be really fun. 
Good thing Candi was there to play with all the kids.
Angie got hair chalk, and we colored Tracen's hair blue, and Meika's pink.

The dollar store was a goldmine for our made up party games.  The kids had to wear goggles like Goby to play "fishketball" and then they went fishing as a shark.  We also had bubbles and a ring toss (like the movie "Puppy and the Ring"... and I know WAY too much about Bubble Guppies).

I made my first ever cupcake birthday cake, and with the help of Pinterest, Bubble Puppy turned out great.

I just don't want to forget

Tracen while driving in the truck: "WHOA, i just thought of something SO AWESOME! What if i was jumping on a trampoline and then I did a somersalt in the air WHILE I WAS JUMPING!!!"

Tracen playing with Lego: "You just have to have caution, throw your caution to the wind"

Tracen is really into pretending he can read these days. The things he reads always conveniently say what he wants them to... like a pack of pez that he found, "It says if you find this and you ate all your other candies, then you open it and your mom says it's okay."

Rai isn't saying too much that we understand, but the other day he ran into our room yelling what I suspected was how he says "Spider" which is "pyyy-deee" (we see the big one at Costco for Halloween decorations and he yells it the whole time we are there).  I told Luke that he is saying "spider" and sure enough Luke followed him and he had found a spider in his toy box.