Monday, October 5, 2015

I just don't want to forget

Tracen while driving in the truck: "WHOA, i just thought of something SO AWESOME! What if i was jumping on a trampoline and then I did a somersalt in the air WHILE I WAS JUMPING!!!"

Tracen playing with Lego: "You just have to have caution, throw your caution to the wind"

Tracen is really into pretending he can read these days. The things he reads always conveniently say what he wants them to... like a pack of pez that he found, "It says if you find this and you ate all your other candies, then you open it and your mom says it's okay."

Rai isn't saying too much that we understand, but the other day he ran into our room yelling what I suspected was how he says "Spider" which is "pyyy-deee" (we see the big one at Costco for Halloween decorations and he yells it the whole time we are there).  I told Luke that he is saying "spider" and sure enough Luke followed him and he had found a spider in his toy box.


Kaiti Klara said...

Haha i love your boys. Such funny kids!

KandyJill said...

Hahaha oh my gosh... the somersault in the air while jumping! Hahaha. And I LOVE the pez saying. They should really print that on the packaging! ;)
And cute little Rai... my goodness he's such a doll! Such a little smartie coming and telling you guys about the spider!